Arianna Ross ~ Story Tapestries


Thank you for your consideration of Story Tapestries. As a past Artistic Director of a theatre company and a teacher herself, Arianna Ross understands how important it is for you to make an informed decision about what artists present in your community. Please view these programs as a template for your event. She can adapt almost all of her programs to fit any age group, curricular need or theme. Arianna's Story Tapestries weaves the power of storytelling, acrobatics, and music to encourage her audience and students to discover, tell, dance, photograph, compose and/or write their own stories.


"They sat in awe! She exceeded our expectations. We want her back next year!!"

— Adrian Blount
School Administrator

"From the moment you stepped on stage, you captivated and engaged the audience with your poised and powerful presence, transporting them to a foreign-and precarious-land, while hanging on your every word to see what unfolded next. It was indeed a riveting story, and you did it justice."

— Leeny Del Seamonds
Master Story Performer™