Arianna Ross ~ Story Tapestries


Discover what her fans think about her international, historical and educational programs that weave the power of acrobatics, storytelling and music together.

"From the moment you stepped on stage, you captivated and engaged the audience with your poised and powerful presence, transporting them to a foreign-and precarious-land, while hanging on your every word to see what unfolded next. It was indeed a riveting story, and you did it justice."
— Leeny Del Seamonds, Master Storyperformer



"Listening to Arianna Ross is like taking a ride on a magic carpet — an exciting, amazing journey to exotic places all the while enjoying a feeling of being enveloped in comfort & safety."
— Carrie Sue Ayvar, Storyteller/Cuentista

"I have been teaching drama for 15 years and it's so refreshing to take a master class where I learn new strategies and techniques to do with my students."
— Joanna Lewton, Drama Teacher Capital City Public Charter School, Washington DC




"No one who heard Arianna Ross tell at the Regional Concert at the National Storytelling Conference in Pittsburgh recently will question whether she is a teller of remarkable talent and potential. Her skills far outstrip expectations for one so young. Her world travels and generous spirit give her a needed voice in our care worn and cynical world."
— Elizabeth Ellis, Storyteller and Author

"This was one of the best, if not the best, program we have heard in the past ten years' offerings for Reading night. We highly recommend Arianna with her Story Tapestries programs for any age."
— Rochell H. Grey, Media Specialist Quantico Middle School, VA



"Arianna's Ross carefully designed workshops are like her dances, orchestrated so the movement is accentuated with each step and the dance is understood."
— Kevin D. Cordi, National Coordinator for Youth

"Her stories always contain a smile and an energy, which compels others to laugh and rise above their problems."
— Bansi Kaul, Director Rang Vidushak Theatre Company; Bhopal, India




"Thank you for inspiring me to remember how I used to teach."
— Jen Flores, 1st Grade Teacher Barrett Elementary School, VA

"Her residency gave my eighth graders a new perspective on understanding a turning point in American History. As impressive as her content was her ability to handle my seventh period eighth graders."
— 8th grade American History Teacher Westland Middle School, MD



"Arianna Ross led her subjects through the jungles of Rajasthan, using a story-within-a-story to captivate her audience while teaching them lessons about telling the truth and helping out someone in need…..The Indian Storytelling Adventure was a hit with the kids who attended the program"
The Silver Spring Gazette, MD

"I was impressed with the way that she was able to correlate this lesson with our study of Ancient Greece and the fables that were prominent over that time."
— Sarah Gittleson, 3rd Grade Teacher Kent Gardens Elementary School, McLean, VA




"She had them right in the palm of her hand."
Bonsetta Hairston, Teacher Mt. Vernon Woods Elementary School, VA

"They sat in awe! She exceeded our expectations. We want her back next year!!"
— Adrian Blount, Administrator Ideal Academy, Washington DC




"Arianna Ross has the unique ability to envision a place and take you there by her words and her body."
— Kevin D. Cordi, National Coordinator for Youth

"It was the best performance we have ever had."
— Fifth Grade Teacher Washington Grove Elementary School, MD




"Even though I normally fall asleep during assembles, I stayed awake during this one."
— Third Grade Student Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Charter School, Washington DC

"Even my most active student was engaged and enthralled with Ms. Ross' stories."
— Addie Howard, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Stone Leigh Elementary School, MD



"She creates an environment where the children feel safe to take risks and grow from their mistakes. It is with her soft yet strong voice that guides the children."
— Franklin Wassmer, Principal Children's Studio School, Washington DC