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Are you a fan of the arts? Watch this episode of Connecting Our Community where Host Karen Allyn is joined by guest Arianna Ross, founder and creator of Story Tapestries. Learn how Story Tapestries can weave the arts into any organization, school or learning environment with their team of artists and volunteers based on what YOU want or need.

Grateful Friends, a story from the jungle's of India, filmed as a part of the TV show, Connecting Our Community.

Teaching DC through the Arts! Math plus Music plus Capoeira equals learning.

November 23, 2011 kicks off our fundraising campaign with Global Giving. Our goal is to raise $6,000 by December, 31 to deliver programs that teach literacy through the arts in the DC metro area. Help us reach our goal by making a donation here. Thank you!

Artist in residence Arianna Ross teaches students theatrical techniques to learn to write: Arianna Ross spends five sessions with New Market Elementary School students theatrical techniques to help teach argumentative writing.

Monkey Tales by Arianna Ross and Story Tapestries: A show that incorporates strands of storytelling, dance, language arts, geography, and world culture.

Artist in Residency at Peabody Elementary School: Watch as Story Tapestries' artist Arianna Ross and Jasmine Artis lead pre-school- kindergarten age students in a culminating performance following a 4 session residency entitled Stories-in-Motion:

Monkey Tales as recorded on PBS Television:

Why have We Born Witnesses? as performed for a High School in NC:

Clystery: A play about the problems with cliques in school by 12-14 year old students. This piece was the result of a four day residency on play-writing with Arianna Ross:

Clystery: A second piece of the 4 day artist-in-residency program on play writing led by Arianna Ross:

Objects of Hope as performed in a theatre in Washington DC for adults and teens by Contradiction Dance and Story Tapestries: Arianna Ross.

Click on the link "Past Performances" to see Object of Hope on the Millenium Stage at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: